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  •       The Sona Elan 53c offers extreme SPL output for performance situations where very high sound levels are needed from a single cabinet. The dual 12 inch speakers provide penetrating mids and tight punchy bass while preserving tonal definition and clarity.
  •        The tweeter lens is a linear aperature type that conceals dual high efficiency drivers in a linear array for both smooth dispersion and long throw at the same time.
  •        The 53c generates very high sound pressure levels of 122dB, with superb sound quality and smooth, accurate frequency response. The natural tonality of sampled instruments is preserved and reproduced, and the new sounds of innovative synthesizeer engines are presented with clarity and brilliance.
  •        All of this takes place at sound levels that can easily stand up to Guitars and Drums. If the 53c can't make itself heard, then it is going nto take more than one cabinet to do the job. We're not saying that it's louder than anything else, just that there isn't anything else that's louder. (Or cleaner sounding)
  •        This extreme output level and sound quality is driven by our new MOSFET power amplifier that has demonstrated near perfect reliability in laboratory and field tests. This new amplifer design has a smooth, silky sound quality as well as technical stability and extreme ruggedness
  •       The rectangular shape is easy to handle and transport, and acoustically correct, which makes it capable of more true bass output than undersize molded types. Computer modeling and balancing, and a range of exclusive technologies result in a compact, reliable system with superior sound. When space and the need for only a single cabinet are factors, the 53c delivers performance and convenience.










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