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  •         The Sona Elan 41c has become the preferred stage amp for thousands of local and touring professionals all over the world. With very high acoustic output levels, and smooth accurate sound across the full audio band, The 41c provides reproduction of samples and amplified acoustic instruments with a natural quality thatís musical and true to the source.
  •        It has smooth, natural bass response which makes it easy for you to equalize to your taste. There is a complete absence of the typical boominess that comes from speakers that are in a cabinet that is too small for them. The amplifier power is set to the maximum safe level the speakers will handle, which produces a Sound Pressure Level of 119 dBa
  •         Nearly 30 years of experience and know-how are behind the design. Our new MOSFET power amp* adds an open, effortless feeling thatís free of harshness from the quietest up to very high sound levels. Fan cooling* contributes to reliability. Computer modeling and acoustic balancing is used to develop lightweight, compact systems with superior sound.
  •     A pair of 41s in stereo will extract maximum realism out of well recorded samples. A pair of cabinets is always needed for true stereo reproduction, and there's nothing like the realism a stereo rig can offer. When the rig is made up of a pair of 41s the results are amazing.









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