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  •   The Sona Elan 31c is our smallest Keyboard cabinet, but it doesn't sacrifice anything in performance to our larger models. It has the same patented fan cooling system and electronics, with the only difference being slightly lower SPL.
  •    But don't be fooled! It generates very high sound levels, with superb sound quality, realistic acoustic images and smooth frequency response. It is truly a sonically accurate little powerhouse. (Our optional tilt stand raises and angles it to just the right listening position when sitting or standing at a keyboard rig.)
  •     A pair of 31s in stereo will extract maximum realism out of well recorded samples. A pair of cabinets is always needed for true stereo reproduction, and there's nothing like the realism a rig like that can offer. When the rig is made up of a pair of 31s the results are amazing.
  •    It also offers outstanding results with a range of amplified acoustic instruments , from Sax, Flute, and Violin, to Guitar and Double Bass. (Not recommended for electric bass)
  •    Jess Oliver, legendary designer of the first Ampeg models, tells us he thinks this latest fan-cooled version is the "best little amp around". (Thank you, Jess.)
  •    Coming from him, that's huge. He designed the B-15 which was the best little amp around for many decades.  The 31c is powered by our new MOSFET amplifier* that gives it an open and effortless quality, highly focused, yet smooth and free of harshness.  
  •     LiteBoxtm construction* offers a  that is rugged, lightweight, and free of resonances.  The rectangular shape is easy to handle and transport, and acoustically correct, which makes it capable of more true bass output than undersize molded types.  
  •    Computer modelling and testing help us give our keyboard cabinets a very neutral sound to compliment accurate samples. They have smooth, accurate frequency response, without boomy bass output so you can easily equalize them to your taste and needs.  The 31c has a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) of 116 dBa.  







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